Frank Robbins "Survival of the Fittest" Page 7

Weird War #27
July 1974
Published by DC Comics

This entire 9 page story from Robbins (the script is by Jack Oleck) is nicely done. There are some of the problems Robbins was prone to - - for example the second to last panel, the foreground figure is existing on a different plane than the standing figure of the captain in the background.

No matter, Robbins ties it together as a way to emphasize the pleading of the Nazi captain of a submarine who is doomed to reliving the sinking of a ship and then his own demise, over and over, locked into a pattern that presaged the plot device of the movie "Groundhog Day." (also take a look at this Robbins page for Weird War Tales issue 21, which also figures with a time travel device)

Robbins brings the lettering effects that seem almost like manga into the final panel on this page. The letters are alive as art elements and float loose from a bubble, in fact they are the "bubble" that is swirling around the confused head of the Nazi captain.

"Yesterday! December 7th!"

Frank Robbins artwork from Survival of the Fittest, page 7


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