Frank Robbins "One Hour to Kill" Page 12

Weird War #27
July 1974
Published by DC Comics

This Jack Oleck script is occupied with time travel much in the way the other story with Robbins that is in Weird War Tales #27.

Here Robbins carries an American soldier into the past to try and prevent the invention of advanced weapons. It's essentially an adventure tale, and drawn that way with a WW2 era G.I. juxtaposed into a medieval-quasi-renaissance location. Oleck's script contains a nice loop plot gimmick, and reminds one of how for a certain amount of time, Weird War was DC comics most inventive realm of story telling in the 1970s.

"he doesn't know! he can't understand what they will do with them!"

Frank Robbins artwork from One Hour to Kill, page 12


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