Frank Robbins "The Curse of the Full Moon" Splash Page

Weird Mystery #16
Feb - Mar 1975
Published by DC Comics

Robbin's accommodates more text than usual here, but still utilizes his heavy blacking style to fill in the page. A trademark Robbins effect - - the nearly horizontal figure of the girl in the bottom large panel - - fills in the space he allocated it. It's interesting that Robbins bends everything to allow this sort of scene cramming so that he gets away with still informing the reader of the information he wants to highlight - - i.e., a werewolf is attacking a cheerleader, but at the same time he uses the figure in such a bizarre fashion the reader is required to be in the ground looking up into the scene.

"It's nights like this that make you just glad to be alive."

Frank Robbins artwork from The Curse of the Full Moon Splash Page


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