Frank Robbins "Night of the Mummy" - Page 11

The Shadow #8
Dec-January 1975
Published by DC Comics, Copyright DC Comics

Frank Robbins heavy black inks and carefully placed thin lines had to contend with terrible gravure printing and indifferent coloring coming from DC Comics' printer at that time. Particularly demonstrated on this page is the abysmal color work, where it appears the colorist barely spent any time at all clarifying any of the artwork. Such blotchy colors being slapped down on sound effects - - note the last panel's "ha ha ha" - - must have made at least a few people at DC Comics pause and wonder what it is exactly they were paying for when they sent those checks off to World Color Press in Sparta, IL, which at one time printed the vast bulk of comics in North America. Now American comic books are printed principally in Canada or overseas.

Did Robbins wince when he saw the color treatment his artwork received from the printer?

Frank Robbins artwork from Detective Comics 1972 splash page


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