Frank Robbins "Manbat Over Vegas" Page 12

Detective Comics #429
November 1972
Published by DC Comics, Copyright DC Comics

During this time at DC Comics, Batman was selling poorly and the DC editorial minds decided to trim his adventures back to 12 pages. Robbins jams together a complete story with a rather weak denouement, but carries off enough action and content to make the story density more or less equal to a regularly spaced out 22 page strip.

Robbins expert blacking is again the high point here. Thinking in terms of white to black balance like Milt Caniff (obviously) or like a Rich Corben (who was only a few years into his underground comics career at this point in time), Robbins doesn't depend on color to fill in his images, but uses a great deal of ink to suggest form, weight and a pleasing design sense that pulls the whole page together.

"Now Fran's vampire nightmare is about over - - if we can find enough of her blood type in a Vegas hospital!"

Frank Robbins artwork from Detective Comics 1972 page 12


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