Frank Robbins Batman Art - Page 12

Detective Comics #420
February 1972
Published by DC Comics, Copyright DC Comics

Robbins wrote the stories for many, many more Batman stories than he ever drew, tales dating back into the late 1960s. Much of his written work seems to be in a style similar to the detective/police/thriller tales of network TV of that era. Not necessarily a negative, since Robbin's seems to have always charted his tales to make sense and to provide some actual sense of mystery which emphasized the 'detective' characteristics of the Batman character, something lost in the works of many other DC Comics writers.

On display here is Robbin's unique lettering style, where he would not keep his boldened lettering to a single horizontal line but would shake up the letters as if they are so explosive they can't stayon a straight line.

"In exactly one minute, your death will be news!"

Frank Robbins artwork from Detective Comics 1972 splash page


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